Our Mission

To helps hunters age better and prevent disease during the hunt as well as the off-season. 

Meet Linden. Avid Hunter, Science Geek at Heart

Linden Loren is an avid hunter who also is a science geek at heart. The outdoors holds a particular spot in his heart. His background allows him to merge science with the outdoors in a way where ANION can strategically help hunters improve their hunting healthspan. Assisting hunters to improve their hunting healthspan is incredibly worthwhile and meaningful to Linden.

Linden grew up hunting at a very young, inherently in his DNA. Linden’s health sciences background began when he completed an undergraduate degree at Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science, with a focus in fitness and nutrition. While finishing his undergraduate degree, Linden also became an intern for the Sports Performance Center at Oregon State University, where he assisted collegiate athletes in strength and conditioning for an entire year. While interning and finishing his undergraduate degree, Linden also became director of programming and head coach of a local CrossFit gym. After four years of coaching at the gym, he started working on his master’s in health sciences while simultaneously teaching Anatomy and Physiology and other health classes at West Albany High in Albany, Oregon. At the same time Linden began teaching, he continued his love for training by becoming the strength and conditioning coordinator for some of the high school sports programs at West Albany High. While teaching, Linden created a brand-new high school class called “Human Potential” that covered ways to age better and prevent disease based on the environment and lifestyle choices. After teaching for three years, Linden decided to take a leap of faith a pursue a new start-up that merges his science background with his passion for hunting-ANION.

Currently, Linden is full-time with ANION and continues to be the strength and conditioning coordinator for sports programs at West Albany High.

Without health, there is no more hunting.

Linden Loren
At Anion Outdoors we are avid outdoorsman and science geeks at heart

Meet Pat. Climber and Experienced Hunter

Pat Van Rooyen has been enjoying the outdoors since his first fishing and hunting adventures with his brothers. As a young hunter Pat’s attitude was all about adventure but as life unfolds through your 30’s and 40’s you grow to appreciate how a tweak in your preparation can take you further on your journey and adventure. Each outdoor experience is more successful and memorable with enhanced preparation.

The outdoors has always been and still is a place of solitude, contemplation and great adventures for Pat. Whether trekking to Mnt. Everest Base Camp to explore the ice falls, summiting the peak of Kilimanjaro or fishing and hunting throughout the US and Canada, Pat is always mentally and physically preparing for life’s next great adventure.

ANION™ is a place for all people who enjoy outdoor activities, new and seasoned to come together to share and prepare for all outdoor adventures by understanding how to adequately prepare for the mental and physical aspects.

The adventure is really in the journey and we look forward to seeing you mentally and physically climb the mountain with us! See you in the woods.

At Anion Outdoors we are avid outdoorsman and science geeks at heart

Your Hunting Healthspan

Headaches, stomach pain, insomnia, depression, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are all health limitations that many hunters, unfortunately, experience in their life. But do they have to? Maybe not. Far too many hunters fall prey to the customary notion of improving their health after being diagnosed with a health limitation. Instead of waiting until an illness and sickness arise, hunters learn the importance of the “prevention mindset” and find that it is advantageous to make better lifestyle choices to age better and prevent disease.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go on more deer hunting trips because you made better lifestyle choices? If you are a deer hunter, you might agree by saying yes! But how and what lifestyle choices can do that? From the temperature of your bedroom before you sleep to the food you put into your mouth, there are many ways to positively improve your health and genes that can increase your chances of pursuing those deer. The trick is to recognize the connection between your health and the quality of your hunting trips while on the hunt as well as the off-season. Without health, there is no more hunting.

What if I told you that the constant anxiety you have been feeling due to work-related issues over time could impair your health to the point that it can decrease the amount of hunting you do in life. For many hunters, this can be a crippling realization to understand, especially if hunting is their favorite hobby that brings enormous amounts of happiness. Less hunting because of a health limitation is likely not appealing to hunters. With all of that being said, the question hunters need to ask themselves is, do I want robust health to hunt more? If the answer is yes, the time is now to get after it!

Disclaimer: The information and mentoring provided from ANION™ is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice; the content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or cure for any health condition/disease. The information provided by ANION™ is not any form of a prescription, purely a recommendation. Always seek a physician, primary care provider, or other qualified healthcare professional’s advice with questions you may have regarding a health condition.