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To provide educational content and nutritional products tailored for people that are hoping to continue doing what they love in the outdoors for a long period of time without health limitations. This is Merging Science with the Outdoors.

Meet Linden. Avid Outdoorsman, Science Geek at Heart

Linden Loren is an avid outdoorsman who also is a science geek at heart. The outdoors holds a special spot in his heart and his background allows him to merge science with the outdoors in a way where ANION™ can strategically help people such as big game hunters, mountain climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts to improve their healthspan. Helping people extend their outdoor healthspan is incredibly worthwhile and meaningful to Linden as it encompasses his passion for science and the outdoors.

Linden grew up bowhunting, fishing, and hiking at a young age which is inherently in his DNA. Linden graduated from Oregon State University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a focus in Fitness and Nutrition. Within this degree, he was exposed to a variety of subjects such as Muscle Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition for Exercise, Biomechanics, and Anatomy.

While finishing his undergraduate degree, Linden interned for the Oregon State Sports Performance Center for a year and a half where he assisted strength and conditioning coaches in various collegiate sports, such as football, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, baseball, crew, and softball. At the same time, Linden taught Crossfit classes and was the director of programming for multiple years at a local Crossfit gym in Albany. Shortly after, Linden began working on his masters in Nutrigenomics/Epigenetics/Biomechanics while he transitioned into teaching Anatomy and Physiology, as well as other health classes at West Albany High School. Currently, Linden is the strength and conditioning coordinator for the wrestling and football program at West Albany High while also going full time with ANION.

Here is a snippet of what ANION's intent is. I want people to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they want to continue hunting, mountain climbing etc., for a long period of time without health limitations. If they say yes, then I need people to realize that making positive lifestyle changes can improve their outdoor healthspan. That is where we come in and provide the educational content specifically for the outdoor community to ensure that happens!

Linden Loren
Linden Loren, founder of Anion Outdoors

Meet Pat. Climber and Experienced Hunter

Pat Van Rooyen has been enjoying the outdoors since his first fishing and hunting adventures with his brothers. As a young hunter Pat’s attitude was all about adventure but as life unfolds through your 30’s and 40’s you grow to appreciate how a tweak in your preparation can take you further on your journey and adventure. Each outdoor experience is more successful and memorable with enhanced preparation.

The outdoors has always been and still is a place of solitude, contemplation and great adventures for Pat. Whether trekking to Mnt. Everest Base Camp to explore the ice falls, summiting the peak of Kilimanjaro or fishing and hunting throughout the US and Canada, Pat is always mentally and physically preparing for life’s next great adventure.

ANION™ is a place for all people who enjoy outdoor activities, new and seasoned to come together to share and prepare for all outdoor adventures by understanding how to adequately prepare for the mental and physical aspects.

The adventure is really in the journey and we look forward to seeing you mentally and physically climb the mountain with us! See you in the woods.

Your Outdoor Healthspan with ANION

Your Outdoor Healthspan

Our educational content provides information for the outdoor community on thow they can extend their outdoor healthspan . Derived from the sciences such as epigenetics, biomechanics, nutrigenomics, psychoneuroimmunology, and Anatomy and Physiology, ANION intertwines concepts and methodologies within outdoor endeavors that allow you to increase Your Outdoor Healthspan. This is the name of the game if you want to continue feeling awesome all the time so that you can continue doing what you love in the outdoors. When we think of “Your Outdoor Healthspan”, we are advocates for the beneficial qualities “THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT” possesses. The Butterfly Effect refers to small changes that can result in large changes. Little tiny choices you make on a daily basis compound enough to play a role in whether or not you will be able to continue being involved in your outdoor endeavor for a long period of time without health limitations. Bottom line, you have the choice to “age better” if you wish! Here is a good example of the power of the butterfly effect.

1% better everyday 1.01^365= 37.78
1% worse everyday 0.99^365= 0.03

Making slight adjustments to your sleep prep, nutrition, environmental exposure, exercise etc., may play a role in improving Your Outdoor Healthspan. Check out our blog and social media channels for educational content regarding our intent to merge science with the outdoors from a longevity perspective! Check out our blog and social media channels for educational content regarding our intent to merge science with the outdoors from a longevity perspective!

The Science of Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.
Biomechanical evaluation is a protocol in which we analyze and interpret your movement patterns in pursuit of refinement, so we can decrease imbalances in muscles and decrease chances of injury. This is a key component of our preparation strategies. Coupled with this is a stretching protocol that is geared for your specific needs whether nursing a past injury or correcting inefficient movement patterns. Our biomechanical evaluation within our training program will help you find those inefficiencies, helping you perform at your best.

Anion Outdoors and the Science of Biomechanics

Learn More About Merging Science with the Outdoors

Our intent is to provide the outdoor community with valuable content that may extend your outdoor healthspan. Give our articles a read and tell us what you think!

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