(The Greatest of All Time)

Specifically designed from a molecular standpoint from nutrient-dense ingredients to be delicious as well as supply all three energy systems with the appropriate macronutrients needed to crush your next hunt while improving Your Hunting Healthspan.

The Only Bar from Anion Outdoors


(The Greatest of All Time)

Good quality micronutrients and plant compounds from nutrient-dense ingredients for immune system functioning, energy production, disease prevention. Developed to elevate cellular health while on your next hunt as well as improve Your Hunting Healthspan.

Your Hunting Healthspan Book

Your Hunting Healthspan: 73 ways hunters can age better and prevent disease provides practical strategies for hunters to make better lifestyle choices to minimize health limitations. Fundamentally classified as a health science passion-oriented “how to” novel, Your Hunting Healthspan shows hunters there is a deep-rooted connection between their current health and the quality of their hunting trips. Hunters are strongly encouraged to focus on aging better and preventing disease instead of waiting until a health limitation arises and then doing something about it.

Your Hunting HealthSpan by Linden Loren