ANION™ provides the outdoor community with great tasting whole food products that offer the appropriate nutrients needed to not only handle the demands of outdoors activities but also improve your outdoor healthspan.


Specifically designed from a molecular standpoint to be delicious as well as supply all three energy systems with the appropriate macronutrients needed to crush your outdoor endeavors while improving your outdoor healthspan.

The Only Bar from Anion Outdoors


Loaded with micronutrients and plant compounds needed for immune system functioning, energy production, and disease prevention. Developed to elevate your cellular health while enjoying your outdoor activities as well as improve your outdoor healthspan.

The only hydration option you need in the outdoors

We at Anion believe there is an association between salt and hydration. If you want to consistently have energy in the outdoors to continue enjoying your endeavors, Only Lyte is made for you!

The Only Lyte from Anion Outdoors