Things that Do Not Make You an Ugly Bear Hunter

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Things that Do Not Make You an Ugly Bear Hunter

Ever try and promote bear hunting to others? Make sure and be self-aware how you do it. There are many underlining ways to be able to effectively promote and portray a positive image in the bear hunting community. Here are the things you need to know that will not make you an ugly bear hunter, as well as things that will make you an ugly bear hunter. Most likely, they are not what you think.

Bear hunting requires hard work, persistence, and above all else patience. Similar components to hunting other big game animals, however seen from a different viewpoint often times from others. Why you ask? Whether it be the media, how they were raised, or their exposure to a bear hunter, some people may not be a fan of this bear hunting lifestyle for various reasons. Important to keep in mind before you converse with a non-bear hunter that you may already be in a deficit to convince. Completely fine! Bear hunters are not better than non-bear hunters. Or vice versa. However, what is important to recognize is how you as a person portray yourself in front of others whom you are hoping to encourage to partake in this meaningful and worthwhile lifestyle of pursuing bears.

When you are conversing with another person in hopes to get them on board and try bear hunting there are certain things that may depict whether or not they become interested in it. Things that do not make you an ugly bear hunter in front of new potential bear hunters include: physical abnormalities, amputations, scars, birthmarks, being over/under weight, eczema, rashes, stretch marks, hair loss, and acne.

These components for many of us are often judged with no reason expect for the fact that you may be different than someone else. Having birthmarks across your face does not mean you are an ugly bear hunter and bear hunting is not worthwhile. Quite the opposite actually. None of these “things” at the most fundamental and micro level make you an ugly bear hunter. Don’t let those components listed convince you otherwise.

With that being said, you might be wondering what does make a bear hunter ugly? What would non-bear hunters not be enthused to see/hear? On the opposite end of the spectrum, the things that do make you an ugly bear hunter in front of new potential bear hunters include: being unkind, littering, bullying, excessive complaining, and being unappreciative. To some this may be common sense. However, many encompass these traits and portray them on a regular basis without being self-aware of doing so. Which, not only will be non-favorable for future bear hunters to witness, but also it reflects poorly on you as a person.

None of these traits should be displayed and/or acted upon when promoting this stellar way of life that so many of us love. In fact, showing kindness is an absolute strength. Littering goes against fundamentally one of the reasons to be a bear hunter to begin with (restoring balance in the outdoors). Bullying others never wins in the long run. Complaining can be considered a virus that sneaks into others nearby suppressing their health. And being unappreciative shows, you are not grateful for the opportunity you have in pursuing these bears.

Looking forward, as a bear hunter it is imperative to represent this meaningful and worthwhile lifestyle to the best of your ability. Portray to your utmost potential the bear hunter you think the next generation of bear hunters would want to emulate. Not only will you positively influence the bear hunting community, personal growth will occur as well for you as a hunter and a human being.